About us


About us

Having spent 15 years as a self taught cabinet maker designing, manufacturing and installing custom kitchens and wardrobes, the industry contracted due to the slowdown in the economy. After investing heavily in a premises and equipment and basing ourselves in the foothills of the scenic Ballyhoura Mountains, we did not want to give up on so many years of hard work, so we decided to try and diversify our business.  

We started by looking at alternative options.  This ranged from log boxes to custom tables to wall boxes and under bed storage. After 2 years of different ideas, nothing seemed to be a viable alternative for the business.

In late 2013 we invested in a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router.  My background in engineering gave me the skills I needed to operate the machine. We started engraving wooden plaques, signs and candles, which have proved successful.

In 2015 our son who suffers from anxiety became afraid of the dark and asked for a light for his room.  We felt that any lamps out there were too bright and looked at designing our own lamp. Using my own interest in engineering and LED’s we combined these skills into making our LED Lamps.

After seeing our children's reactions to the lamps we realised we had stumbled across a product that had potential so we went back to the design stage and further developed the lamps through engraving and personalisation to what they are today.